Strawberry Cough

This 380mAh battery is a simple and affordable starter cart battery.


To power on/off click the button 5x.

Preheat mode 2x click button and hold it for 15 seconds.

Three voltage settings (3x click button to switch between voltage levels)

  • Red: 3.6V
  • Blue: 3.1V
  • White: 2.7V

What is in the Box

  • Battery
  • Micro-USB to USB charging cord


Strawberry Cough

RAW rolling papers are made with the intention of uplifting the world and bringing all of us to the triple next level! Made from plant-based materials. Grab a pack today!

RAW Papers come in two Standard Sizes:
1 1/4
King Size

RAW Classic 1¼ is the original size. Also known as “Spanish Size”, 1¼ papers we believe were the standard size of all rolling papers starting hundreds of years ago. Since then, many other shapes, sizes, and materials have been used to produce a wide variety of papers.

RAW Classic King size papers are designed for smokers who prefer a longer smoke. The introduction of RAW Classic changed the smoking landscape forever by introducing smokers to high quality papers that allow you to enjoy your smoke as nature intended!

50 sheets per pack


Congratulations you have discovered the secret, all natural formula that will liberate your piece from the scourges of gunk and resin. The PIECE WATER Solution brilliantly solves the age old problem of the dirty bong and keeps your piece pristine!

Piece Water Solution’s unique proprietary blend of safe-all- natural mineral, vegetable, and fruit extracts work to prevent resin from forming on your bong, rig, water pipe, or bubbler. It’s 100% All Natural and Absolutely Non-Toxic!

Add Piece Water Solution to a clean bong and your bong will remain clean and clear from resin build up. When you are ready to change your bong’s Piece Water Solution simply rinse your pipe with tap water and it will be clean! In addition, Piece Water acts as a filter of particulate matter, which makes for cleaner and much smoother hits.

The PIECE WATER Solution eliminates the hassle of cleaning your bong, rig, or bubbler giving you more time to enjoy your smoke and your life. Try it today. You will be amazed at the results!


Each pack of Integra Boost® Terpene Essentials contains patented salt-free, plant-based 2-way humidity control formula and our botanically sourced terpene isolates. All of our terpenes are tested, standardized in potency, and Safe Terpene Certified.

Infuse your herbal product with a specific aroma, flavor, and potential effect from one of our seven terpene isolates while our 2-way humidity control technology preserves the freshness, potency, and integrity of your herbal product throughout the process.

Integra Boost® Terpene Essentials line includes some of the most popular isolates found in the cannabis industry:
linalool, limonene, myrcene, humulene, beta-caryophyllene, pinene, and terpinolene.

These packs have a dual-purpose: to incorporate flavor/sensory enhancing botanical terpenes into your herbal products and to regulate humidity. Unlike regular, unflavored Integra Boost® packs, the Boost® Terpene Essentials line will alter the aromas and flavors of your product. These changes are normal and expected – this means your product is absorbing/infusing with the terpene.

Included with each Boost Terpene Essential pack is a No-Ox pack. By removing the oxygen from the packaging assists in keeping the terpenes within the pack fresh, stable, and potent! It is useful in extending the life of all kinds of concentrates, extracts, and food & plant products.

Integra No-Ox® is an industry standard oxygen absorber that removes the oxygen inside the clear wrapper of every Boost Terpene Essentials original packaging. No-Ox® stops working as soon as it’s exposed to oxygen, so please throw away the No-Ox® pack after opening the original packaging.


Puffco is revolutionizing the way to consume concentrates/flower. Their award-winning vaporizers blend cutting-edge technology with sleek design, delivering a superior vaping experience. Whether you’re a connoisseur or new to concentrates, Puffco has a device to suit your needs.

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