Have you ever wondered how is THCA flower made? Get ready for a journey into the fascinating world of crafting THCA flowers, where science and nature come together in an extraordinary way. We’ll break it down in simple terms, so you can easily grasp the secrets behind this unique creation!


What Is THCA Flower?

We often talk about CBD flower, which is a cannabis flower with a lot of THCA. The law says it’s okay to sell THCA flowers if they have less Delta 9 THC than the allowed amount.

When you vape or smoke THCA flowers, the heat changes some of the THCA into THC. THCA flowers can make you feel the same as regular cannabis. Regular cannabis has even more THCA.

There’s not much difference between THCA and the marijuana flower in medical cannabis stores in places where they’ve made having a little bit of marijuana okay. The only difference is that one is legal, and the other one isn’t!


How is THCA Flower Made

Are there cannabis strains that have a lot of THCA? Yes, THCA flowers can be grown using aeroponics to make a natural compound. Hemp farmers found out that if they grow high-THC cannabis in cold temperatures, the THCA won’t change into Delta 9 THC. And the best part? It’s legal according to both federal and state laws.

Spraying hemp flowers with THCA is another way to make THCA. So, you have to create THCA right from the start.

We did some research and found a method. It’s about changing CBDA to THCA using solvents at super-low temperatures. The final thing is sprayed onto hemp flowers.

But here’s the question: Do THCA flowers made this way follow the rules in the federal Farm Bill? Just remember, the DEA says cannabis stuff with less than 0.3% THC when dry is legal.




How Is THCA Flower Made


Does It Look Like the HHC Flower?

Making THCA is quite different from making HHC. THC, either Delta 8 or Delta 9, is the main stuff used to make HHC. People use Delta 8 THC because there are rules about Delta 9 THC from federal and state authorities.

Delta 8 THC changes into HHC. But for THCA, the starting material is CBDA, a non-active thing in cannabis. You can see it’s the acidic form of CBD from its abbreviation.

Unlike HHC, THCA is naturally in high amounts in certain cannabis types. So, we can take it straight from the plant to make THCA hemp products. When we use non-natural ways to make a cannabinoid, it becomes a semi-synthetic compound (SSC). These are getting popular because they have special qualities.

For example, HHC gives mild THC effects. That’s why people who use cannabis like it – they get the good parts of THC without the bad effects.

In short, HHC is made by changing stuff with hydrogen, while THCA is made in a kind of artificial way called condensation/crystallization.


How Strong Is THCA Flower?

When you heat THCA flowers, they become as powerful as regular marijuana flowers because heat changes THCA into THC.

The strength of THCA flowers depends on how much THCA they have. The more THCA, the stronger the flower. Since many producers make THCA flowers, it’s smart to be careful with them.

THCA flowers give the same effects as THC. These effects can be too strong if you take a lot. So, start with small amounts. It’s hard to know how much THCA you’re getting from smoking, but you can try taking breaks between puffs.

Cannabis effects show up fast, usually within minutes. Take breaks to feel how your body is reacting. If the effects start quickly, the flower is stronger.


Can You Grow THCA Flower?

We might see breeders making THCA-rich flowers soon, especially with careful breeding. Keep an eye on this because some producers say they already make THCA-rich flowers. Hybrid strains like Lemon Kush and Gorilla Blue are known to be high in THCA.

Some think that growing regular cannabis with a lot of THC in cooler temperatures could stop THCA from turning into THC. If that’s true, THCA flowers might show up in the hemp market sooner than we thought.

Strains with high THC, more than 15%, usually have a lot of THCA. That’s because THC comes from THCA. Just remember, as THC forms, THCA levels go down. To keep more THCA, it’s best to keep the cannabis flower as fresh as possible. Freezing the cannabis right after harvesting is one way to do this.

When making live resins, they often use a quick-freezing method called flash-freezing.


What Is Considered a High THCA Hemp Flower Percentage?

Generally, cannabis varieties with high THC (> 15%) are thought to have high THCA levels.

Note that THCA is not the same thing as THC. If you have hemp flower that has a known THCA level, you can convert it to THC by using this formula:

THC total = (%THCA) X 0.877 + (%THC)

This formula can be influenced by other factors, but it is a guide.


How to Make THCA Diamonds From THCA Flower

You can create THCA Diamonds from THCA flowers, and it’s kinda like making real diamonds with high pressure. They use a cold-extraction method to get THCA from cannabis that’s been frozen quickly.

In a special device called a chromatography device, the extract goes through strong pressure until crystals start to show up. There are two ways to make diamonds: closed-loop extract or crystalline method.

Closed-loop extraction uses a liquid to separate THC and Terpenes. The solution becomes super full of THCA. As the crystals grow, the leftover liquid is taken away. These crystals are pure THCA, 100%.

For the crystalline method, THC extract and a solvent mix to make a super full liquid. When they heat it under high pressure, diamonds form as the solvent disappears, leaving pure THCA behind.

Some producers add terpenes back into the crystals for something called the entourage effect, making them even stronger.


Is THCA Flower Legal?

The 2018 Farm Bill says hemp has THCA, and that’s okay. The law also lets states make their own rules about growing hemp.

THCA Flower is okay in certain states like North Carolina, but not allowed in others like Oregon. In places like Idaho, THCA is against the law. The rules are different in each state.

What’s legal or not depends on the laws of that state.


Is THCA Flower Safe?

More research is needed to find out how THCA helps our health, but early research shows it’s very promising. THCA is like other cannabinoids and can work with receptors in our body.

Raw THCA won’t make you feel high, so most people can handle it well. You can mix it into drinks like smoothies or juices. When you heat it, though, it changes into THC and gives similar effects.

The effects are probably mild because not all THCA becomes THC. And if you’re wondering, THCA doesn’t show signs of being something people might misuse.

THCA flowers are usually safe, especially if you don’t heat them.


How Is THCA Flower Made


Final Thoughts – How Is THCA Flower Made

THCA flowers are made for vaping and smoking. They have a lot of THCA and not much THC, as stated in the 2018 Farm Bill. Strains with high THC also usually have a bunch of THCA because THCA turns into THC.

People say different things about growing THCA flowers. Some think growing cannabis in cold temperatures stops THCA from becoming THC. Others suggest using aeroponics to grow THCA flowers.

THCA is also made by condensation and crystallization. The result is pure and super-strong THCA diamonds. The best way to use them is by vaping or dabbing.


Where to Buy THCA Flowers and Pre-Rolls Online

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